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Render Layers and Beyond!

Cinema 4D's new Take System delivers a revolutionary workflow experience, going way beyond the functionality of a regular Render Layer System. Whether you use Cinema 4D or a third-party render engine, you will enjoy the flexible scene management offered by the Take System. Create numerous independent takes of your scene and change almost any parameter for intuitive variations – all saved in one scene file eliminating file management hassles and wasted disk space. Nested parent-children take relationships let you easily hierarchize your versions, while the new Token system takes care of the file naming headache when rendering multiple takes in one go. Maintain complete versioning and variation control while saving precious time exploring all possibilities and responding to client change requests.

New color chooser
Your color in perfect harmony
Color your 3D world using a color wheel, photo reference, screen picker, customizable swatch library or one of many color models. Simplify any image using Photo Mosaic mode and quickly generate color swatches from a photo. Pick out harmonies in a way that will really complement your scene. The bottom line? Your colors. On steroids.

Houdini Engine Integration

Use Houdini assets within Cinema 4D
The new seamless connectivity with Side Effects’ Houdini Engine allows you to use Houdini Digital Assets delivered from your TD or downloaded from the Orbolt Store natively within Cinema 4D. You can concentrate on the creative process, while Cinema 4D and the Houdini Engine work hand in hand in the background.

SketchUp Integration

Import SketchUp objects directly
No need to reinvent the wheel. Quickly populate your scenes by accessing free, ready-to-use objects created and made available by the SketchUp user community.

Updated Content Libraries
Powerful resources and presets
Ready-to-use objects, materials, surfaces, scenes, and presets are waiting for you. Parametric objects such as book shelves – including the books – let you drag and drop a completely customized living room in a snap. Deliver the Wow! without sweating the deadline