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Sculpting Enhancement

Intuitive and efficient organic modeling
Dozens of new features and improvements in Cinema 4D Release 17 make sculpting a true delight. Use Sculpt to PoseMorph, for example, to speed up character animation. Easily sculpt hard-surface models with Edge Detection. Release 17 makes sculpting in Cinema 4D easier than ever.

Edge Detection
To the edge, but not over.
Apply your sculpting, and let Cinema 4D worry about the edges. The new Edge Detection feature lets you paint more freely and with broader strokes. That means faster and more accurate work.

Sculpt to pose morph
Sculpt and skip the in between.
No need to convert your sculpted objects to polygonal objects. Cinema 4D's new Sculpt to Pose Morph feature automatically creates morph targets for each sculpt layer. You can quickly transition from character design to character animation.