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For Software companies

“Technology feeds on itself. Technology makes more technology possible”. —Alvin Toffler

Generally speaking the software distribution environment has changed a lot since that distant 1995 when, we at GRMstudio, began moving our first steps in the market. The evolution of software delivery from physical package to download or cloud based has reassessed the relationship between software developer and distributor.

Often physical boxes are no longer moved from one hand to another, yet GRMstudio remains an important and sought-after partner for a software developer’s marketing strategies—to ensure market penetration, brand awareness and boost sales.

With a 20 plus years experience, we know our market and the geosocial aspects associated with it. We have direct access to a large and loyal user base in the 3D market and educational sector, and have developed a robust network of resellers, partners, influential media outlets and evangelists.

If you are ready to talk about how GRMstudio can help you position your product in the italian 3D market, contact us today. 

Vanessa Mercante Boyd
VP of Marketing and PR, GRMstudio