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Motion tracking
Fix your track fast
Better results in less time. Cinema 4D's new Graph View highlights problem track points in a simple to use graph and lets you easily remove them from the calculation.

Un-distort your world
When integrating 3D elements into videos or photos, manually correcting for optical distortions like curved and plunging lines can take up valuable production time. Cinema 4D Release 17’s new Lens Distortion tools make it easy to generate a distortion profile for any image. You can remove distortion for tracking and scene creation, then add distortion back in when rendering. Use the intuitive graphical interface to calibrate just once, and save the settings for that lens for future use. Enjoy a complete lens distortion workflow, completely in Cinema 4D.

Animation workflow
Curves in all the right places
Animate faster and with more precision in Cinema 4D Release 17. Simply control F-Curves with weighted tangents and the option to automatically remove overshoot. Easily eliminate Gimbal lock with Euler filtering, define animation regions via range markers, and master your animation workflow with new Timeline preferences.